PRP - Our know-how allows us to offer you a wide range of products for the cosmetics sector


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Our know-how allows us to offer you a wide range of cosmetics products.


The world of care is increasingly popular.

Women's demand is increasing and male's demand is more and more growing.

We work with you to develop the perfect packaging for your formulation and we advise you to find the ideal material according to your specifications

Make up

Many types of packaging can be made to meet your needs for makeup products.

We work on both the functional aspect, but we also care to choose carefully the plastic materials that will be in contact with your solutions.

We count on our assets several creations of bottles designed to contain the make up foundation, and also simple makeup palettes but also complex one that can accommodate eyeshadow, blushes and compact foundation.


Many products derived from perfume box are made of plastic.

Skin care, aftershave cream, eau de toilette shower cream...

They usually carry on the design of the fragrance, they can also be innovative and be co-designed with our teams in order to achieve a unique product.

Thanks to our pockets developments, we can now offer a solution for optimum protection of the fragrance.


Production workshops adapted to your needs

Our production workshops are in a controlled atmosphere and dust-free to ensure a perfect hygiene in the realization of your pharmaceuticals products.

The formulation/material compatibility management is our number one priority.


Solar products require a special attention to the compatibility of the material/solar solution.

Material choice must be done with care and many tests are carried out in order to achieve a secure and quality solution and also meet the highest level of demand.


Our standard products can meet your needs for hair products.

But in case of specific need, our teams will support you and are strength of proposition to design and produce a packaging in accordance with your request and suitable with your hair solution.