With nearly 70 years of experience in injection, our teams are competent to produce technical and appearance parts for the high-tech world.


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Our know-how allows us to offer you a wide range of cosmetics products.


Home automation products and connected objects are made from different parts, usually plastic.

Our plastic injection know-how allows us to offer you achievements both functional, but also aesthetic for the parts that will be visible by the final customer.

Interior fitting

We are plastic injection specialists and many of our works are destinated to interior fitting: safety railing, guide rails, fittings of elements...


Plastic is increasingly solicited for the building market

From small tools to the ultra-precise parts manufacture, our teams work to provide you with a quality product, tested, reliable and according to your specifications.


Industry is a sector requiring many technical parts.

The skills of our plastic injection teams enable you to meet your needs with parts made in France , controlled and tested to verify their compliance with the specifications.