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Different projects on innovation are underway.
  • Sensory and functional aspects

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    Sensory and functional aspects

    By studying customers' habits and their expectations as closely as they are, several innovations projects are the result.

  • Sustainable development and circular economy

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    Sustainable development and circular economy

    Engaged for nearly a decade in the approach of eco-design and reduction of carbon footprint, PPR Creation obtained in 2011 the ISO 14001 certification requiring respect for continuous environmental improvement performance principle.

    From now, each project is managed in a logic of reducing carbon balance and greenhouse gas (GHG).

    Recycled PET and pet biobased are directly integrated into our standard product offerings.

  • Airless and pockets products

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    pockets/airless products

    In order to optimise the deliveries of the product to the final customer and to protect the solution against packaging and air, PRP Creation works on numerous searches on the pockets and airless.

  • 3D Printing

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    3D printing

    One of the 3D printing innovation axes and the advantages that could be removed in the plastics industry.

  • Connected objects

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    Connected objects

    By launching CosmeTag in 2018, a first step in connected objects was made. It is a constantly evolving project that will allow us to bring real added value to our products.

  • Industrie 4.0

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    4.0 Industry

    PRP Creation wants to be integrated into this industrial revolution with the help of digital in the service of men.