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Eco-design takes into account all steps of the product life cycle. From the extraction of raw materials to processing at the end of life, through manufacturing, transport, logistics and the use of the product.

PRP Creation, committed to sustainable development

Committed for more than a decade in this approach of eco-design and our carbon footprint reduction, PRP Creation obtained in 2008, the ISO 14001 certification requiring respect for continuous improvement of environmental performance principe.

Since then, each project has been done in a logic of reducing carbon balance and greenhouse gases (GHG).


Our 5 commitments

  • Sorting and valuing our waste
  • Reducing our energy consumption
  • Research and use of biosources and recycled materials
  • Risk control and pollution prevention
  • Measuring carbon footprints and setting up an improvement plan

Sustainable development - PPR Creation

Think Green : our actions

  • Carbon balance calculating

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    Carbon balance calculating

    For each development, we calculate the carbon balance of the product.

  • Use of recycled materials and biosources

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    Use of recycled materials and biosources

    By replacing 50% of the noble material with recycled PET on a standard 200ml Rondo bottle, it is almost 23% less carbon dioxide emission! The economy can even be more than 46% if we use 100% PET biobased.

    Now the recycled and biobased PET are directly integrated into our standard product offer.

  • Reduce packaging weight

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    Reduce packaging weight

    In a co-design approach with our customers, we support them in a process of lightening the packaging in order to reduce the carbon balance of the product.

  • Action plans implement in worshops

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    Action plans implement in worshops
    • Implementation of an energy saving plan:-28% CO2 emission
    • Implementation of an internal recycling plan:-7% CO2 emission